Creating sustainable livelihoods

Helping women help themselves
Our fundamental purpose is the empowerment of women by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. UPAYa gives women artisans a platform to acquire new skills and also a chance to earn for themselves and chart out their own paths towards self-reliance. We achieve this by working with women at multiple levels:  

Women’s collectives

The foundation of our work rests on strong and resilient women’s institutions. Our Sakhi programme helps women form and manage Self-Help-Groups where they learn how to save and access credit responsibly. Women’s institutions are further mobilised into micro-enterprises and trained in modern handicraft production and running business operations.

Skill development

Sakhi women from diverse socio-economic backgrounds enroll in our courses to learn and improve their skills, speed and finesse. Special training in costing, design and visual merchandising are provided on an ongoing basis to keep women in touch with the latest market trends.

Safe and dignified work

Our stitching units offer a clean, hygienic and safe place for women to work. Additionally, women who own sewing machines and have domestic constraints also have the flexibility of working and earning from home.

Fair wages

Our artisans earn a monthly income of anywhere between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 30,000, depending on how many pieces they are able to produce. Additionally, UPAYa ensures that at least 70-80% of its sales proceeds are given back to our women’s collectives.

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