UPAYa™ is a premium clothing and lifestyle brand representing rural women at their best. We combine traditional craft, natural dyes, embroidery and indigenous weaves with contemporary designs to create vibrant expressions of Indian tradition for the modern consumer.

A silent revolution…

UPAYa™ came into being with a vision of becoming a brand that symbolises the empowerment of women through micro-enterprise. At its very core is a network of fully women-owned collectives formed as a part of Sakhi  – a CSR initiative of Hindustan Zinc Ltd. and Manjari Foundation that has mobilised more than 30,000 rural women across Rajasthan and Uttarakhand into well functioning grassroots institutions.

Today, UPAYA has transformed what began as a small-scale grassroots craft activity into a full-fledged social enterprise, opening up opportunities every day for rural women to chart out their own journeys of empowerment. As a result, hundreds of women across our project areas have started identifying UPAYa™ as a lucrative livelihood opportunity.

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