Turning a new leaf

Turning a new leaf

One woman’s  journey to becoming a skilled artisan

Jamna Khatik quit her job as a domestic servant to start working at the textile center two years ago. Thankfully for her, her family had been very supportive. As soon as she started working at the textile center, they immediately chipped in to help around the household.

“I was always fond of sewing,” she says. Quite often, I’d get so involved in it that I would forget to do chores around the house!”  

At the UPAYa center, Jamna’s passion got direction. She was able to practice and upgrade her skills, and learn new things. Today, she is an expert in making masks, Kurtis, palazzos, tote bags, sling bags, pillow covers, cardholders, and many more of UPAYa’s wide range of products.

Income, empowerment & dignity 

The new job has earned her respect and status, not just at home but in my community too. She started with an income of Rs. 4000. As she developed her skill and speed, her income also grew. Today she earns  Rs.20,000 and Rs.25,000 per month and has even opened a  Fixed Deposit to secure her children’s higher education.  When asked what she wants to do next, she says: 

“My dream is to create my own stitching center someday, where I can give employment and teach other women how to become financially independent ” 

Jamna is one of many stories of rural women across Rajasthan who are overcoming socio-economic barriers and turning a new leaf. With UPAYa, they have a chance to skill up, get employed, earn for themselves and fulfill their dreams.

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