Top 5 misconceptions associated with the handmade items

Top 5 misconceptions associated with the handmade items

Handmade products especially clothes and accessories are popular but it is quite difficult to get a genuine product. There are a lot of views and opinions associated with handmade products. Generally, most people have misconceptions that hold them from buying these products even when they are attracted to these items. Here are five most common myths and misconceptions that exist with the handmade clothing and accessories shopping.

  1. Handmade product are too expensive

Handmade products are unique and created with loads of love and care. Each piece has unique flair of colors and designs that cannot be repeated again and again. It will take longer time to prepare a piece by hand in comparison to a machine. Its cost defines the quality of materials and the priceless arts. If you choose carefully, a product will last longer that will do justice with its cost.

  1. It cannot meet the fashion need of present day

The second one which is the most common assumption among the young people is that handmade products are outdated fashion. If you are assuming that handmade products are something like old-fashioned knitted jacket by your grandmother, then you are living with wrong impression.

Actually, it is far different from your imagination. In fact, these days you can see an effective combination of ancient art and modern trends in fashion that will rejuvenated the handmade fashion industry.

  1. It’s difficult to find authentic products

This is a genuine problem associated with the shopping of handmade products. It was quite difficult earlier to purchase genuine and good quality handcraft products but online availability of these products helps in dealing perfectly with this problem very well. Now, you can search and find authentic handmade products in clothing, accessories, and furnishing.

  1. It will be suitable only for some special occasions

Some people find handcraft fashion clothing only for special occasion. They also think that most of the accessories will not go well with the fashionable clothing. In fact, it’s difficult to find perfect apparel and accessories for everyday use or for some special occasion. You should understand that if you can find the right products you will make your style fashionable and unique. You just need to do some research and put your effort in making the right choice.

  1. There is no return or replacement options

With the emergence of online fashion store where people find most-friendly services such as easy return and replacements service, easy and multiple payment options, doorstep delivery options, and so on. They are expecting the same kind of services with the handmade products seller. In most of cases, people think that as handmade products are especially made on demand so it is non-returnable and non-replaceable. This was a big barrier while shopping for handmade apparel and accessories. With some exceptions, most of the sellers provide friendly services such as return options and flexible payment options.

If you still have some confusion or issues related to shopping for handmade products, you can make it go away by shopping at the right platform such as Upaya which supports ancient arts and artisans. You will find genuine products crafted by a highly skilled group of Indian artisans whose work is amalgamated with the contemporary style and fashion to fulfill all your needs.




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