Where to buy real authentic handcrafts items in india

Where to buy real authentic handcrafts items in india

Since the ancient time, India has had a rich culture, heritage and art. In fact, we have always portrayed our culture and history artfully. Indian handicraft is fancy and popular all around the world. It beautifully reflects our history and art culture.

Unfortunately, the urbanization is killing the ancient art because of so many reasons. The most prominent reason is that the artisans cannot make much money with their artwork is that people are least interested in old form of work, and the artisans cannot explore the various ways of business because of uneductation and financial issues. So, there are loads of reasons why the number of artisans are decreasing day by day.

It was difficult to make a sale for these products in the past. The business was totally dependent on consumer need or tourism to get paid twice or trice for the same product. Ecommerce has made it convenient and affordable to get anything from around the world. Apart from other things, handicraft items have seen a tremendous rise in demand with the popularity of ecommerce. E shops have provided a platform to the artisans to sell their products at desired price removing the involvement of middleman. There are many e shops providing authentic Indian handicrafts at genuine price.

Post urbanization, the machines have replaced the handcraft and thus artisans are failing to make money from their art because they don’t have much efficiency like a machine but they have skills. The arts created with hands are more beautiful and valuable than printed by machines. Even today, many people are looking for such handcrafted designs and artworks. Whether it is in fashion cloths, jewelry, or home décor; piece of art which is created by hand is way fancier than one created by a machine.

The main reason is every piece of handwork is unique and has a unique essence of artwork. There are some organizations that are looking in this field and are working to make the situation better. Such organizations work to help artisans to make a good earning and making their arts and skills alive.

If you are looking for beautifully handcrafted fashion clothes and accessories, you can give a look to UPAYa.  In its website, you will find a huge collection of uniquely created artworks in cloths, accessories, and apparels. They are bridging the gap between the ancient working culture of artisans and the modern technological world. They are helping people to bring their artwork in front of the world. They are helping the artisans in rural areas, especially women, to make beautiful products that will be listed at its online store. So the artisans get good money for their work and people get genuine hand crafted products.

Every product is personally handmade by these artisans. Every Indian state has its own culture and tradition. Hence each handicrafts differ from one state to another in skill, style and art. Some states are famous for their wookwork, while some for their metal crafts. Indian handmade fabrics and cane products need no introduction to the world. Skilled craftsmen are really good in creating various productive, decorative and consuming items from paper, wood, metal, shell, stone, bones, clay, wax, etc. At Sakhi foundation store, you will get ancient arts in textiles, jewelry, and accessories such as purse and ties.

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